Bespoke Bikes

Every bespoke bike we make at Sven Cycles is as unique as the story behind it. But, no matter how different, they all have one thing in common: they are made with love, hard graft and artisan skill, and imbued with soul.

There are many reasons why someone might commission a bespoke handmade bike: it’s made-to-measure and will fit like a glove; it can be inspired by your wildest dreams or your fondest memories; it will be your perfect companion over challenging terrain; or it could be a celebration of your company’s brand or your greatest personal milestones. 

Whatever the impetus, a bespoke bike is the sure-fire way to get the bike that fits every part of your body and your brief, right down to the last fleck of paint on its fillet-brazed forks. And the process itself, from briefing to riding away, is all part of the journey.

Sven Cycles | Bespoke Bikes

From brief to build

The journey starts with a solid briefing. Usually we do this in person, over a few cups of decent coffee and nice bit of cake, but we’ve also Skyped clients in different parts of the world. It doesn't matter how we get together, but it’s vital that we do because this is where we learn all about the bike you want, what’s inspired you to have it built, how it will fit into your life, and how and where you will ride it.

We’ll look at some old books or images of bikes that have the characteristics you’re after, and you might even bring in a pair of old handlebars or your grandad’s saddle, which you’d like to have incorporated into the build. 

The bike fitting’s next. We’ll measure you to make sure the bike geometry is a perfect fit for your size, ability, age, larger-than-average left big toe…and so on.

Design and build

Next, we’ll draw up designs and get together to look at them. We’ll work with you to fine tune them until you’re happy. Then it’s into the workshop, where we’ll use our traditional craftmanship to build your bike

Our close relationship with Reynolds Steel means that we can specify frame tubing to the millimetre, to ensure your bike fits like a glove. Just to make sure it’s bang on, we’ll ask you to come in and try it on for size before we go any further.

Sven Cycles | Bespoke Bikes

The big finish

This is the part where we’ll apply your custom paint job, or tattoo your moosehide saddle. Depending on the bike’s function and your budget, we’ll fit the best lightweight components or clean-up some fantastic vintage ones that are right on brief. Your dream bike starts to really come together.

And there it will be, your vision made real. A genuinely proud moment for all of us. Your unique bike, made by hand and with soul.

Have a look at some finished projects in our Customer Stories, or see some journeys in progress over in the Gallery.


If you’d like to speak to us about a making a bespoke bike, please contact Darron.


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